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Welcome to the Saint Agnes Art History Web Page. Art History provides us with a rich visual chronology of man's creative history. Nothing transports us more faithfully into the attitudes, beliefs and psychology of a lost age or culture like art.

Understanding art is a gift we all have, but most of us have somehow convinced ourselves that discerning the intent of art is a task for the experts. It is not. Everyone has the inherent ability to examine, assess and respond to art. In doing so, we may discover truth draws us closer to our ancestors who predate writing or recent cultures whose attitudes and beliefs seem alien.

The art history student learns to examine art and architecture for the purpose of finding truth. Combined with historical, cultural, social, economic, religious and political history it is easy to approach art as a mode of feeling history rather than learning it. Art also provides a visual chronology to help students digest and comprehend how vast and cyclical the journey of humanity really is.

Jennifer Wall masterminded this web page to help Art History students study for tests and final exams. Finally students may access the images studied in class each day from home or at school. This dream had been brewing for years, but Jenn made it happen. Compiling and presenting these images is a monumental task. Present and future Art Historians thank Jennifer, and Mrs. Costa is eternally beholden to Jenn Wall for her expertise and generosity.

Written By: Laura Costa

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